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Our Mission

Our Mission is to inspire great business in the hospitality industry.

Our Values


Hospitality is a virtue as well as a business. Hospitality is the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers. We have a passion for inspiring excellent hospitality within the Hospitality Industry.

Shared Responsibility

We have a shared responsibility to do business in a sustainable way, contribute towards the professional development of all employees, and contribute positively to the local and national economy.

Personal Growth

Business growth will not precede personal growth whatever our age or experience. We are dedicated to; life-long learning, routine daily reading and exercise, the importance of mentors and advisors, and balancing stability with adventure.


Developing a business is a creative process, and even those businesses that appear to have hit their stride should continually strive to be better. We encourage thoughtful, well-planned and disciplined innovation. We also seek to be a company that provokes hospitality owners and managers to think outside what their daily experience would normally allow.


Business is no more instantly successful than attempting to go immediately from couch to marathon. All enduring and successful businesses require perseverance to build momentum. There is no such thing as an over-night success that lasts. Our goal is to provide encouragement, inspiration, and community during those necessary periods of focus and discipline.